Fall, 1922 - First residents- probably about one to two dozen -included three Rublefsky siblings

April, 1923 - Number reported in the newspapers for Pride’s “opening day” ceremony

April, 1930 - First federal census of Pride of Judea Orphan Home

April, 1940 - Second federal census of the Pride of Judea

September, 1947 - “Vladimir’s List” compilation by Charlie Vladimer, acting head supervisor

July, 1959 - best guesstimate by Alan Benowitz, who provided names for nine “last” residents: Allen Benowitz, Vinnie Pagnotti, Spencer Sanders, Stuart Schwarek, Steven Segal, Barry Tannenholz, Jeffrey Tannenholz, Richard Tannenholz and RoberTaylor

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Resident Population for Pride of Judea*